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Cash Advances on a Pending Inheritance

  If you are an heir or beneficiary of a pending inheritance of cash, investment securities, or other readily marketable assets which is being held up in the probate court process and need FAST LUMP SUM Cash now, we can help.  At Bent-Way Financial, we are experts in securing the cash you require through a process called an "Inheritance Advance"

Our expert contract buyers can provide you with a LUMP SUM Cash Advance of up to $250,000 regardless of your past credit history.  There are also no monthly payments of principal or interest to make while the estate is being probated.  Best of all, you can use the proceeds of your advance for virtually any purpose.  You can:

Attention:  Family Law Practitioners & Estate Planners

Inheritance Advances are a unique product which provides estate liquidity when needs of the beneficiaries and heirs are greatest and cash is in short supply.  They can also provide the necessary capital for fees when provisions of the will are contested and cash is needed for defense.  Contact us when the need arises to access immediate cash (for almost any reason) when settlement of the estate is going to be delayed.

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