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At Bent-Way Financial, we are recognized buyers of promissory notes collateralized by residential real estate, commercial properties, mobile homes, business assets, and more.  We are also purchasers of annuity-styled monthly payout obligations such as structured settlements and lotteries, when the owner / beneficiary requires immediate Lump Sum Cash.

If the time has come for you to sell an obligation, or if you need ready Lump Sum Cash for a future obligation such as an inheritance or legal settlement, why not just complete one of out "Quick Cash Quote Forms by clicking the appropriate icon below.  Our quotations are FREE and without obligation to you. 

MORTGAGE NOTES:  Request a ready cash out quote on any mortgage note collateralized by a residential, multi-family, vacation home, apartment building, or similar property
BUSINESS NOTES:  Request a cash out quotation on a seller-financed business note collateralized by equipment or real estate
STRUCTURED SETTLEMENT:  Request a cash out quotation on a court awarded structured settlement.
LOTTERY / GAMING AWARD:  Request a lump sum cash out quotation on a lottery or Vegas-style gaming award.
INHERITANCE ADVANCE:  Request a proposal for an advance of cash on a pending inheritance tied up in probate.
PRE-LEGAL SETTLEMENT:  Request a proposal for an advance of cash on a wrongful death, product liability, or similar legal settlement.
NON-PERFORMING LOANS:  Request a buyout proposal for your non-performing loans portfolio.
LUXURY ASSET LOAN:  Request a quote and estimate for a short-term luxury asset loan.
COMMERCIAL FINANCE:  Download our standard factoring and commercial finance application for your small business.